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Our Services

EducNation Consulting Inc. is an education consulting firm with partners and associates across North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. Our headquarters are located in the Greater Toronto Area. We help students and educational institutions build a bridge between their reality and their vision through advising, individualized guidance, training sessions, conferences and twinning between international and Canadian academic institutions.

We help international students apply to Canadian academic institutions.

To achieve success, we first need to assess the student?s motivations, strengths and weaknesses, as well as any prior education; then, we search for the Canadian academic programs and institutions best suited to the student?s profile and priorities; finally, we follow up on the application process.

We welcome and guide new students upon their arrival in Canada.

Leaving one?s parents, friends and country at a young age is a challenge. At this point of the process, we make use of our coaching skills as well as our personal experiences from when we, ourselves, arrived in Switzerland or Canada some years ago. We too experienced loneliness and some degree of culture shock. That is why we offer a three-month guidance: we greet the student at the airport, we help them with accommodation prior to their arrival, we guide them through the first administrative steps, we provide them with information on Canadian society and advice on how to successfully graduate as well as emotional and social support.

We plan training sessions on cultural differences in Canada and abroad.

Hundreds of millions of people settle in a foreign country every year. Around 300,000 immigrants are welcomed in Canada every year. Colleges, universities and companies are fighting amongst themselves to recruit the best talent abroad. Cultural diversity can create tension, conflicts and insecurities. Our training sessions on intercultural differences provide each participant with the necessary skills to identify cultural differences, understand their origins and use them as an asset in their daily life, on both a professional and personal level.

Twinning of international academic institutions with their Canadian counterparts.

In preparation for internships, study trips or language immersion projects, or any other project depending on the needs of academic institutions. Within this scope, we can help both parties get to know each other, find a mutual arrangement and work towards it. We monitor the partnership until its fruition so as to prevent and fix any possible hiccup in the collaboration.

We plan training sessions for students and teaching staff in Canada and abroad.

For example, these sessions could focus on learning and teaching strategies, assessment, differentiated instruction, integration of social media and IT tools in courses, emotional intelligence, etc. depending on the needs and priorities of academic institutions.

We review, produce and implement critical programs on literacy, financial literacy and numeracy.

We review, produce and implement critical programs on literacy, financial literacy and numeracy.

Evaluation of training programs