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  • EducNation Consulting Inc.

    is an education consulting firm with partners and associates across North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. Our headquarters are located in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Youth Education is Our Target

    Because we believe in educating young people as a source of economic growth and cultural development for peoples, ignorance is our only competition.

  • EducNation Consulting Inc.

    We help students and educational institutions to build a bridge between their reality and their vision through advice, personalized support, training, conferences and training between international and Canadian educational institutions.

  • EducNation Consulting Inc.

    We promote intercultural dialogue and we bring people together through interviews we carry out and our network of partners on several continents.

  • EducNation Consulting Inc.

    We offer workshops and trainings, online and face-to-face, to professionals in Canada and internationally.

  • EducNation Consulting Inc.

    As a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, we have access to many ressources and a large network of entrepreneurs. This allows us to facilitate partnerships between Canadian educational institutions and their international counterparts.

  • EducNation Consulting Inc.

    Our multinational and multicultural team understands the importance of diversity and richness in every person. We experience them every day and share them in all our interactions.

  • EducNation Consulting Inc.

    Paris, Geneva, Montreal, Toronto, Washington, New York, Douala, Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire, Abidjan or elsewhere, the world is our scope of action!

  • EducNation Consulting Inc.

    We are attentive to the needs of people and companies with whom we work. Our services always take into account their history, their challenges and their vision.

Why Choose EducNation Consulting Inc.

EducNation Consulting Inc. revolves around a vision, a mission and values that guide the action of its team every day.

Our Vision

Because we believe that the education of our youth is a source of economic growth and cultural development, ignorance is our only competition.

Our Mission

Making knowledge available to millions of young minds across the world. Increasing exchanges and collaboration between academic institutions in Canada and across the planet. Promoting intercultural dialogue and bringing people together.

Our Values


Our Services


Our Partners