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My name is Kisha Ishomy Pembe. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I arrived in Canada in 2006. My sister and I were separated from my mother for ten years. We grew up with our grandmother. In Toronto, at the age of 11, I joined the French-language education system. Years later, I graduated from the University of Ottawa with my BA in Political Science.

From 2016, the Zazie Film Production, under the direction of Pierre-Luc Racine, followed my family's journey to make a documentary, published in 2018 under the title of Hymne Migratoire. The documentary was scheduled and made available on February 9 on ICI Télé, Radio-Canada, across the country for Black History Month.

In addition, I had the opportunity to present the documentary in three secondary schools of Viamonde School Board. On each visit, I engaged in a discussion about immigration and multiculturalism with young people.

Why this commitment on my part? To share my experience and learn from the youngest. To create awareness of the issues related to immigration and the importance of music in the life of an immigrant. The documentary and the discussion lead students to think about two issues related to the social and political context: the integration of immigrants and the processing of asylum applications.

Many young people recognized themselves in the documentary. Immigration is of course an ongoing historical theme, but it also touches the daily life of every newcomer.

As a consultant for EducNation Consulting Inc., I have the privilege of participating in numerous events and interacting with fascinating people in the education community. It is because I believe in educating, young people as a source of development and sharing knowledge that I accepted to be the Personal Coach for immigrants and young people. My passion is immigration, music and education of young people. My conferences offer me the opportunity to enjoy my passions.

It has been two years since I entered the business world. Another passion that I had to discover in search of my full potential. Today, I set up a distribution business that promotes the development brands products by afro-entrepreneurs.

I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you.


100$ for two sessions per month of group coaching for one hour

$100 CAD TTC

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